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Who's Who in FOWO

Formal Committee positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which takes place every September.  It is also possible to join as a general committee member during the school year.  Please contact fowo@lumenlearningtrust.co.uk if you are interested in doing so.  For more information on what being on the committee involves, please refer to the 'volunteering with FOWO' section.

Name Position
Helen Allingham  (Y2 & Y5 parent) Chair
Hollie Park (Y1, Y3 & Y5 parent) Deputy Chair
Jenny Johnson (Y4 & Y6 parent) Treasurer
Sarah Shotton (R & Y2 parent) Secretary
Lex Holness (Y4 parent) General Committee
Rachel Huang (Y2 & Y4 parent) General Committee
Lizzie Mullen (N & Y2 parent) General Committee
Caroline Smart (Y1 & Y5 parent) General Committee 
Vicky Wales (Y1 & Y6 parent) General Committee
Walton Oak Primary School