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Walton Oak Primary School

Pastoral Support for Children & Families

At Walton Oak we understand that children can only achieve their best when they feel safe, happy and secure.  Consequently, we work hard to ensure our children's pastoral needs are considered as carefully as we consider their academic needs.  

Our Pastoral team consists of:

  • Nurture Leader - who works on a one-to-one or small group basis with children on a weekly or more than weekly basis.
  • Home School Link Worker - who supports parents and families in a raft of different ways, runs parenting workshops, coffee mornings etc as well as 'checking in' with those children needing particular support from time to time.
  • Pastoral Co-ordinator - who line manages all of the ELSAs, Home School Mentors and Home School Link Workers across our three schools.  She is able to implement more support from additional colleagues for particular families and children when needed.
  • Designated Safeguarding Leads - who meet fortnightly to consider all of the children who might be vulnerable for one reason or another, and together they decide on what support could be offered either from within the school or from an outside agency.
Walton Oak Primary School