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FOWO Events

Events 2023-24

Event Date
Nursery/Reception Welcome Drinks  
Coffee Morning Friday 15th September - 9am
FOWO Committee & AGM Tuesday 26h September at 7pm
Halloween Costume Sale & Second Hand Uniform Sale Friday 13th October - 3.15pm
Family Gardening/Litter Pick Event Saturday 14th October - 10 am
Movie Night (Yr1-Y2 / Y3-Y6) Friday 20th October - 3.15pm
Parents' Quiz Night Friday 10th November - 7.30pm
Second-Hand Uniform/Christmas Jumper Sale Friday 24th November - 3.15pm
Butterflies Mufti Day for Christmas tombola donations Monday 27th November
Christmas Fair & Full School Mufti for Christmas Fair donations Friday 1st December - 3.30-6.00pm
FOWO Open Meeting Friday 12th January - 2.00pm
Yr1 & Yr2 Cake Sale/Second-hand Uniform Sale Friday 19th January - 3.15pm
Bag2School  Friday 19th January - 9.00am
Break the Rules, Mufti Day Wednesday 31 January
Yr3 & Y4 Cake Sale/Second-hand Uniform/WBD costume sale Friday 23rd February - 3.15pm
FOWO Spring Family Beetle Drive Friday 22nd March - 3.30pm
FOWO Open Meeting Tuesday 23rd April - 7.00pm
N/R Cake Sale/Second-hand Uniform Sale Wednesday 1st May 3.15pm
Family Gardening Event/Litter Pick Saturday 11th May - 9-1pm
Y5 & Y6 Cake Sale/Second-hand Uniform Sale Friday 14th June - 3.15pm
Summer Fair Mufti Day for tombola donations Friday 21st June
Summer Fair Saturday 22nd June - 1-4pm

End of Year Discos (R - Yr2 3.30pm and Yr3-Yr6 5.00pm)

Friday 5th July


Walton Oak Primary School