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‘Absences—authorised as well as unauthorised—can add up to academic trouble’

‘Good school attendance gives your child the opportunity of success and helps develop academic and social skills for life’

There is much research to prove the link between attendance and achievement and therefore it is very important that your child attends school every day unless there are exceptional circumstances.  

Our whole school target is 96% which represents an average of 7 days absence per child.

And Punctuality Matters Too!

The school playground is open from 8.30am.

Classrooms open from 8.40am

School starts at 8.50am to 3.10pm

There is lots of learning happening in the classroom between 8.50 and 9am, such as times tables so it’s important children are in class at 8.50am latest. Lateness not only affects achievement due to missed learning time, it also disrupts the rest of the class. Even just 5 minutes late each day equates to 3.4 days lost each year.  It all mounts up. In order to make every minute count please ensure you’re children are in school before morning register at 8.50am. That means you should aim to have your children at school and in class from 8.40am, latest 8.45am.

Walton Oak Primary School