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Religious Education


Children at Walton Oak, learn to understand and have tolerance of other cultures and religions through the teaching of RE. We see RE as an important part of a child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Our RE curriculum supports children to understand the wide range of diversity we have in our school community as well as the wider community outside of the school gates. This, in turn, will help our children to celebrate their cultures and beliefs with confidence and pride. 



Teachers of all year groups have access to the Provision Maps and Whole School Overview for the R.E Curriculum, which shows how skills and knowledge develop through school. The Overview has been adapted from the SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education-responsible for supporting RE teaching across most Surrey schools). Teachers use this as a resource to plan RE, which also ensures that the relevant expectations are met across the school. Each year group teaches one hour of RE weekly. In EYFS and KS1, learning is recorded in a class discussion book. In KS2 children use personal folders to record their thoughts, discussions and work. The KS2 folders move through the school with the children throughout their school years so progress can be seen clearly.



The RE curriculum at Walton Oak gives all children the tools to be understanding and tolerant of other people’s cultures and religions. The curriculum contributes to ensuring children leave Walton Oak as thoughtful and well-rounded children. We aim for all children to be accepting of others and open minded to other people’s faiths and beliefs. Learning about RE also improves a child’s understanding and knowledge of their own culture and beliefs. Children will feel valued and supported members of the school community, with all beliefs valued and celebrated. The accepting and open learning environment means that children feel safe to partake in open and honest discussions, deepening their understanding.  


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