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Walton Oak Primary School


Curriculum Intent

Music lessons at Walton Oak have singing at their core bringing the children together and promoting teamwork.  Through singing and the use of tuned and untuned percussion, they will explore pitch and rhythm, have opportunities to express themselves through improvisation and composition and develop music notation skills.  Pupils will be encouraged to perform regularly to peers and to larger audiences developing solo and ensemble performance skills, building self-confidence and improving self-esteem.In the lessons, pupils will be introduced to a variety of musical genres and will develop an understanding of the history of music by being introduced to key composers and their works, with an aim to inspire pupils to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of music whilst making it accessible to all. 



  • Rhythm and pace: Keeping a steady beat, note values/notation, rhythmic patterns, speed.
  • Pitch: Pitch matching, call and response,  melody and harmony.
  • Timbre: The character of a sound, environmental sounds, instrument families
  • Improvisation and Composition: Creating music, looking at structure and form.
  • Appreciation: Listening to varying musical genres, exploring the history of music.
Walton Oak Primary School