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Through studying history at Walton Oak, pupils will build an understanding of the chronology of events within our history and how these have impacted on life in modern Britain today. We aim to inspire children’s curiosity about the past by ensuring they have exposure to a range of sources including images, artefacts, original documents, experience days and visits. Children will learn to ask perceptive questions about the past, learn ways to find answers to their questions and recognise similarities and differences between ‘now’ and ‘then’.



      1.  Chronological Knowledge

           BCE/CE, main periods in history, significant events and people   

      2.  Historical understanding

           How things happened and why, points of view, contrasting arguments, similarities and differences

      3.  Historical skills

           Primary and secondary sources, research skills, interpreting the past

      4.  Impact on modern Britain

            Local history, impact on modern day


All history books will contain two timelines: one which encompasses pre-history and early civilisations and peoples and one which covers the past 1000 years of British history. These will be added to with each new topic taught so that children can see where the time they are learning about fits in relation to others.



Walton Oak Primary School