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Walton Oak Primary School

Celebrating success

At Walton Oak, every child is valued and every achievement celebrated, instilling a sense of pride in our pupils and ensuring that hard work is a feature of our learning community.

Our pupils regularly receive house points for good work and good behaviour and these are collated weekly to determine which house has won the cup. We also set a weekly theme for success, and at the end of the week each class teacher will select a pupil who has met that success. The Stars of the Week are the school VIPs for the following week, including having their own star of the week cushion and a VIP lunch. Stars of the Week are published in our school newsletter.

Each month, one student from each Key Stage is also selected to receive the Governors Cup, a great honour as the cup is received for having shown exceptional qualities in one aspect of school life. Governor Cup winners are published in our school newsletter.  

We also use our Walton Oak Way (WOW) boards to motivate pupils to strive to produce high quality work. Each term an outstanding piece of work from each year group in English, Maths and Science is selected and is put on display in reception. 

We strive to instil positive work practices in our pupils from the start of their time with us.

We believe that for many pupils, the time that they spend in school will act to shape their working practices for the rest of their life and we strive to instil positive work practices in our pupils from the start of their time with us. School Attendance Matters (SAM) bear and Punctuality Also Matters (PAM) bear are awarded to the class with the highest attendance and punctuality and pupils who receive 100% attendance for a week can spend their attendance points at SAMs attendance shop.

Children are encouraged to extend their learning at home by reading. Pupils are who read a certain number of times have their names placed on the ‘Star Reader’ board and each half term six children from the board are picked at random to receive a special reading prize.

Walton Oak Primary School