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What's Classed as a Persistent Absentee

Children who have 19 days or more absence by the end of the year (10% absence) are classed as ‘Persistently Absent’ and are tracked by the school and the Education Inclusion Officer at Surrey County Council.

We don’t want any of our pupils to reach these absentee levels therefore we work to ensure we take action early on with any pupil and family where we feel concerned.

In this instance the following process is implemented:

Stage 1: Meeting with class teacher to discuss concerns/ issues/ barriers that may be affecting or preventing good attendance.

Stage 2: If no improvement, meeting set up with school attendance officer to agree potential solutions that can be implemented.

Stage 3: If still no improvement an official Attendance Panel meeting with Attendance Officer and Education Inclusion Officer will be set up. At this meeting a parent contract will be drawn up and targets and review times agreed.

Stage 4: If everything else fails the case is referred directly to the Education Inclusion Office and if issuing a penalty notice we will write to parents or carers informing them of our intention.

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