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Pupil Attendance Team

Introducing our new 2019/20 Pupil Attendance Team (P.A.T.)

The role of the Pupil Attendance Team is to help raise awareness of the importance of attending school as much as you can, as well as being on time.  Their responsibility, first and foremost, is to be a good role model for all our pupils and to help encourage good attendance and punctuality.

The team meet once every month to discuss where we are with attendance, what the key issues are and to brainstorm ideas of what they can do to help keep attendance top of mind for everyone, while at the same time having fun.

WOW! Attendance Magazine

To help keep the subject of attendance firmly front of mind the P.A.T. have launched their second attendance magazine - ‘WOW’!  Its aim is to provide something fun that everyone can get involved with and enjoy.  It's great for the kids to enjoy independently and/or with an adult.

There will be 7 issues in total and will be delivered directly to all pupils on the last Friday of every month. We hope you enjoy the read!

Our second attendance magazine - WOW! - is out now and is written and edited by our creative P.A.T.

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