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Walton Oak Primary School

Art & Design



Children will gain the knowledge and skills to express themselves through creating their own art, crafts and designs. They will develop a wide range of techniques by exploring different artists as well as exploring different tools and media. By encouraging children to experiment and invent, children will build their resilience and belief in themselves as successful artists. Our curriculum helps children develop their own tastes and an appreciation of different forms of art and different artists. The Walton Oak curriculum also enables children to learn about how techniques and materials have changed over time and how art and design reflects changes in our history and culture.



Teachers in all year groups use the Art Progression Map as well as the Whole School Overview to create exciting yet relevant lessons. After some modelling and explanation from teachers, children are given the freedom to create their own work. Children are encouraged to do a self-assessment at the end of each lesson, to develop self reflection and build confidence. Children record their work in a variety of ways, including their planning process in their sketchbooks. Children's sketchbooks continue with them through their school career to celebrate success, but also enables progress to be seen clearly. In KS1, the teacher keeps a class book with photos or examples of children’s work. Art will be covered in the first half of each term and DT will be covered in the second half, ensuring both are taught for 3 units a year.



During their time at Walton Oak, children will learn to appreciate different art as well as different artists. They learn the benefits of self and peer assessment and use this to better themselves as artists; this builds resilience and belief in themselves. Through experimentation and exposure of different techniques, children find their own tastes and styles. Creativity and imagination are celebrated and encouraged and children feel confident to use art as a form of self expression

Walton Oak Primary School